When you hire Rhodes Surveyors you are hiring local, certified land surveyors who have experience locating plots and dealing with local authorities. You will receive detailed information about your plot, including a certified plot plan, current pictures of your plot, and information about whether you can build on the property, along with tips on how to avoid Greek bureaucracy. This is something only local land surveyors can easily provide to land-owners who live far away.

Rhodes Surveyors offers 3 main services:

Locate Your Plot
Rhodes Surveyors will Locate Your Plot using the latest satellite imagery and provide you with a detailed report of your land. We offer these services on Rhodes, in mainland Greece, and on Cyprus.

Field Work
With Field Work, you will get a land survey of your property from certified surveyors so you can establish the state of your property. We can even place boundary markers on your property.

Plot Patrol
When you enroll in Plot Patrol you have protection against the loss of your land. We provide regular visits to your property to insure no one is trespassing and provide you with reports about the state of your property.

To hire Rhodes Surveyors to complete any of these services, please visit our online store.

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