This is a site for preserving ones Greek land

So, you are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant from Greece, probably living in Australia or USA and your grand father or your great grand father was clear about your property back in Greece. It is near that church, between those bushes and next to “theias” Katerinas plot. He may even had shown it to your father, or you, when you went to see him years ago.

Time has passed, things have changed, and you have no memory of the exact location of your property. The only information you have is spoken descriptions from relatives.

On top of that you constantly hear lots of cases of adverse possession and encroachments. People from your own village, even relatives, have gotten possession of other peoples land, immigrants, taking advantage of the fact that they live far away and they cant keep an eye on their property. Sadly, this is the case for most of the Greeks living abroad.

The land on the island of Rhodes, and all the dodecanese islands is priceless. Land that our great grandfathers protected and worked hard on it to feed them and passed it down to you is to be respected. And the confusion for so many Greek immigrants is overwhelming. Having relatives from Australia and USA, seeing them struggling to handle their property and having helped most of them to clarify what they have, what they may loose or what they can claim back leaded to the creation of this website.

This site is dedicated to Greek people all over the world, the ones who know they have property in Rhodes (Greece) or the other Dodecanese islands and have decided to take control of what belongs to them. It is a step by step process from the scratch. Once you have a clear view of what you own, where it is, and what is happening to it today you are on your way to your peace of mind with your property in Greece.

After that we can discuss any work that may be required such as field work, certification from the forestry agency and anything else that certifies and protects your land. It is up to you to take it from there. But the most important step is the first.

Step 1. Locate your plots. If you are familiar with Google Earth, see them in its dynamic environment. If not see it on a clear satellite image. Now, you SEE where your plot lies. Certified Rural and Land surveyors have located it for you.

Step 2. Now that you have found it send as to protect it. Plot patrol. Every 4 or 6 months, you choose it, we hit the road and go to each one of the plots we located. We verify that no one has put any fence, no road has been created that goes through the plot, no one has been using it to stay or to cultivate. All those things that eventually lead to the loss of the property from the legal owner. Pictures are taken and a report is send that everything is OK. If not, then we know what you ought to do to stop it immediately. A lawyer can take care of that.

What if you decide to dont do anything about your property here?

Leave everything to luck, maybe nothing wont ever happen.

Well, that will cost you some thousands of dollars paying lawyers and engineers and at least 3-4 years of your time arguing in a court and possibly the loss of the property. It happens all the time.

On the other hand if you know exactly where your plot lies, and you have a team of engineers just keeping an eye on your property, you will get 2-3 times a year a detailed report with visual information about what exactly is happening to your plot and you spend 200 euros for a year of plot patrolling, without worrying, and the minute we detect an intrusion or any other form of trespassing you stop it by paying the minimal amount to a lawyer to do routine, guaranteed work.

The best way to deal with greek bureaucracy is to AVOID it. And to avoid it you need to be proactive and keep an eye on your plots here in Greece.

Have a report send to you every 4 or 6 months and don’t ever worry again.

So that is all, it is up to you to make the first step.

Rhodes Surveyors is a team of local Land Surveyors ready to help.

Welcome !

Greek expats don’t know how to take care of their property back home

Greek expats don’t know how to take care of their property back home

Testimonial from Ohio, US

Rhodes Surveyors,

Thank you for your help in identifying and locating our family property. Living overseas it was wonderful to have a satellite image of the actual plots on our computer. I started with just a google search for help in Rhodes and ended up with a full service company willing to travel to the properties and accomplish all that was required. I got advice on how to proceed, and more importantly someone I can trust to look after my best interest. They responded promptly, did what they said what they were going to do and met me in Rhodes when I finally was able to visit. After wasting time and money with other lawyers, Kostas (Rhodes Surveyors) put us in contact with a professional English speaking lawyer that helped us protect our property. If you are out there looking for help in Rhodes, do not waste time, call or email Rhodes Surveyors and get started protecting what is yours.

Christina Ohio, US 

Thank YOU Christina!

Observe Your Land From Far Away!

For Greeks living abroad. Greek expats. Owning Greek Land. Looking for your land in Greece.

Use up to date satellite images of your plot in Greece and check what is going on, on it from your home abroad.

Testimonial from Australia

Hi Kosta,

I must say that your assistance in finding our two plots of land in Rodos, Greece was vital to our court case. You also provided us with some history on what happened to the lands and their re-configuration during the island’s Italian occupation from 1912 to the 1940’s. We can now accurately describe the lands to the court. I must also thank you for your professional care and attention while doing the work for us and your work was done in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to contact you should we need further assistance and strongly recommend your firm to other prospective clients.

Best regards, G. (Australia)

Thank you G.!