Introducing Rhodes Land Surveyors

Helping Greeks Around the World Locate their Land

Protect Your Family’s Land

Why: Many Greek immigrants and their descendants living abroad have lost track of valuable land on Rhodes or the other Dodecanese Islands. Because these priceless plots have gone unused for so long, many plots run the risk of being taken over by others due to what is known as "Adverse Possession."

Rhodes Surveyors offers the opportunity for Greeks all over the world to locate their family property and provide them with images of the plot using satellite imagery. With Field Work you can have your property boundaries marked and recorded and with Plot Inspection we physically check your property multiple times a year to make sure no one is trespassing.

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession is a principle in real estate law allows someone who possesses for and extended amount of time a piece of land belonging to someone else, they may be able to claim legal title to that land. In most cases, to prove adverse possession the person claiming ownership by way of adverse possession mud show that its possession is actual, open, notorious, exclusive, hostile, under cover of claim or right, and continuous and uninterrupted for a statutory period.

What Rhodes Offers

When you hire Rhodes Surveyors you are hiring local, certified land surveyors who have experience locating plots and dealing with local authorities. You will receive detailed information about your plot, including a certified plot plan, current pictures of your plot, and information about whether you can build on the property, along with tips on how to avoid Greek bureaucracy. This is something only local land surveyors can easily provide to land-owners who live far away

Locate Your Plot

Rhodes Surveyors will Locate Your Plot using the latest satellite imagery and provide you with a detailed report of your land. We offer these services on Rhodes, in mainland Greece, and on Cyprus

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Field Work

With Field Work, you will get a land survey of your property from certified surveyors so you can establish the state of your property. We can even place boundary markers on your property

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Plot Inspection

When you enroll in Plot Inspection you have protection against the loss of your land. We provide regular visits to your property to insure no one is trespassing and provide you with reports about the state of your property

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Living overseas it was wonderful to have a satellite image of the actual plots on our computer.

Ohio, US

Hi Kosta, I must say that your assistance in finding our two plots of land in Rodos, Greece was vital to our court case.